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A different take

So, I yesterday I went to go see Jesus Christ Superstar for the second time. I was disappointed that Josh Young wasn't there(he is the main reason I wanted to see it again so soon), but I figured that it was a good chance to compare Jeremy Kushnier's interpretation of Judas to Josh's, especially since I'd seen so many articles reference him, due to Josh's earlier illness.
Cut for slightly rambling analysis of my interpretations of their interpretations of Judas...Also, spoilers for the showCollapse )

I don't usually repeat shows(being both lacking in funds and wanting to see so many different shows), so this was a new experience for me. Did anyone else see this one with both performers? What about another show with two different leads? I'd love to hear someone else's experience.

Tony Awards

So, what did everyone think of the Tony Awards this past Sunday?

I enjoyed it. I think it's definitely the most entertaining of all of the awards shows. That's not to say it was perfect. Some of the song choices by the various shows were...interesting...to say the least(Follies, really?). But, overall, I liked Neil Patrick Harris, loved the Newsies and Jesus Christ Superstar numbers, was charmed by Hugh Jackman's wife, and was moved to tears during Steve Kazee's acceptance speech.

Anyone else have any highlights or lowlights?

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